Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wall Decor

First off, sorry for my slacking this week. Work and life are super hectic this week but I should be back to normal next week.

I have a serious crush on picture frames and wall decor so I thought I'd share some neat pictures I found to inspire you like I've been inspired.

Via Small n' Chic in C-Ville

Via Trey & Lucy

Via Pinterest

Aren't these all lovely? How are you decorating your walls??

Enjoy the Party,

Nicole :)


  1. Krista Lee IlliesThursday, 07 July, 2011

    This is hilarious - last night my mum gave me new picture frames that I asked for specifically so I could make a frame collage above our bed! I'm going through photos rightnow! lol

    Very cute pics btw! :)

  2. I LOVE this eclectic look sooo much!! The bottom picture is my fav... I love the statement all of the different sizes, looks and colours of the frames make!

  3. Frames are fabulous. Good luck with your wall Krista!