Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Company ~ Hourglass Designs

Michael and I have a fabulous company designing our wedding album, Hourglass Designs. Hourglass makes albums like you've never seen before. I'm lucky enough to already have a couple Hourglass albums that I love and cherish.

Here's some info on
Hourglass Design. I suggest checking them out.

Celebrate your stories, your photos and your journey in life with our custom books and albums.
Every family has hundreds of photos, stored and scattered in boxes, or just sitting on a hard drive.  The memories have been lived but no one wants them forgotten.
Hourglass Design can awaken those experiences, stories and images by showcasing them in a beautiful album, customized to your needs and style.  If you prefer classic designs, modern touches or a completely unique approach, we will transform your images and text into a stunning book to enjoy for a lifetime.

Hourglass offers:
* Personalized consultation
* Customized layouts and designs
* Timely delivery and quality service
* Scanning and enhancing photos and documents to complete the whole story
 Our clients have memories to remember and share.  We have the time and design experience to create an album that captures your life.

Here are some moments Hourglass Design can capture:
* Family vacations
* Weddings
* Sports/Dance teams yearbooks
* Birthdays and Anniversaries
* Memorials
* Retirements
* Family Memories

Hourglass Design....creative expressions for all your memories.

Be sure to check Hourglass Designs out on Facebook!

Enjoy the Party,
Nicole :)

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