Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Tablescape Ideas

Are you having a Valentine's Day party this week and you aren't sure how to make it festive and special? I've come across these and think they'd be perfect for a sweet, romantic and fun Valentine's party!

VIA Hostess With The Mostess

VIA Pizzazzerie

1. You could make a fruit rum punch or maybe try making a big batch of cosmopolitan. Just make sure you don't make it too strong - a super strong punch is never good!

2. If you're not a gourmet pastry chef like me, I'd suggest stopping off at your local bakery for some delicious treats. After being in Paris for 5 days over Christmas I strongly suggest picking up some macaroons!

3. Candy in my opinion makes everything better. Stop by your local bulk barn or favourite candy store and stock up.

4. If you're short on fabulous serving dishes like these try your local dollar store or Crate and Barrel.

Does this seem like something you could re-create? I think it's worth a shot if you ask me!


  1. I love those hanging things in the first picture - it looks like they're made of disposable plates!

  2. This post is getting me all warm and fuzzy and filled with love... great V-Day suggestions!