Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Girl Nursery

I have obviously been crazy excited for the arrival of Baby P since August but I've reached the part of my pregnancy where I'm just overjoyed and cannot wait!

We've decided not to find out what we're having. I love the idea of not knowing and keeping everyone, including us, guessing. I've thought since we found out I was pregnant that Baby P is a girl but who knows.

We I have decided that the nursery is going to be finished pre-arrival gender neutral and we'll add a few gender specific pieces once our baby is here.

Since I think Baby P is a girl I'll share my baby girl nursery ideas first.


The walls are going to be painted like this no matter what - boy or girl. I just adore stripes and love this for the nursery.

I love the idea of having a few of her pretty little dresses on display like this. Isn't is just precious!

I also love this idea too.

I'm not sure of the original source for this image, I found it on Pinterest. I really like how simple yet feminine this lighting is. I'm a bit nervous to hang it over the crib, I think I would do it in the center of the room.
I'm still working on bedding, stay tuned!
Tell me, do you like where I'm headed with this room so far?


  1. Looks great! Even though I'm currently sans baby, I always love thinking up nursery designs, can't wait to see what you come up for a boy! XO

  2. I love them all! I'm so excited for you!

  3. I love the large stripes in the first image!

    xo Sara