Friday, March 25, 2011

Something New to Try

Happy Friday!

I've decided that every Friday I'm going to post a recipe I love or a new recipe I've stumbled upon.  Since it's sunny and warm weather should be right around the corner, the recipe I'm posting today is the Berry Blast cocktail from the Women's Health Mag post I mentioned earlier this week.

Pour 1 1/2oz berry acai vodka over ice
Add 1oz selter and your choice of fresh berries (I'd use raspberries and black berries)
Mix all ingredients... and magic, you have a delicious summery cocktail! I'd serve this cocktail in a martini glass or pretty rocks glass, your choice.  This would be a great addition to a ladies night, wedding shower or backyard bbq. Let me know if you try it, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Have a great weekend, hopefully the weather warms up a bit.

Enjoy the party,

Nicole :)


  1. I finally got a minute to read your posts. Great blog Nicole!! I look forward to reading it weekly!!!

  2. Great post today! I am definitely looking forward to your Friday posts, especially if they are anything like this one! Making one tonight!