Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Throwing a party for no reason...

Are you in the mood to throw a party but you're not sure what for? Why not throw a theme party....they're fun, different and unique. 

Here are some theme party ideas to help spice up any party.
  • Martini Party: Suggest that each of your guests provide the ingredients to a martini and shake them up at the party.
  • Wine & Cheese Party: Instead of just having the people over for dinner why not add some flare? I'm a big fan of wine and cheese parties. Pick up some of your favourite wine, crackers and cheese and have a great time.
  • English Tea Party: Having the ladies over and don't want to have a typical evening or afternoon? Why not whip up some fabulous sandwiches (crusts cut off of course) and different types of hot and cold tea. Try cold raspberry iced tea, hot blueberry tea and long island iced tea!
  • BBQ Party: Why not have a BBQ party in January? It will give everyone a kick of "vitamin D" and help with the winter blues. Put the BBQ in your garage, stick your hubby outside and enjoy!
  • Sunday Panini Party: Instead of a big Sunday afternoon family lunch why not stop off at your favourite Italian bakery, plug in your panini maker and have a great afternoon. Lay everything out and let everyone take turns toasting their paninis.


Let me know what party idea is your favourite!

Enjoy the Party,

Nicole :)

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