Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Home Decor

Is everyone ready for Halloween? I personally am not a big Halloween person, I don't really care for the dressing up aspect of it. That aside, if I was to host a Halloween party I would be all over these decor ideas.

Are you the type of person to decorate your house for various holidays throughout the year? I think I will be, once we get our house, in 30 DAYS!!

VIA Eddie Ross
 I love the idea and look of the wreath over the mirror. Adds a very mysterious vibe.

VIA Pinterest
 A bit much but perfect if your home is situated on a big piece of land.

VIA Pottery Barn
 I love tall candle holders and would use these, minus the spiders and skulls, all year round.

VIA Pottery Barn

VIA Martha Stewart

Are these things you would incorporate into your Halloween home?

Enjoy the Party,

Nicole :)

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  1. I love the black wreath and the cat-cut outs - you can just add them to your existing decor!