Monday, December 10, 2012

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today was by far the most amazing day of my life!

It was a cold, bright day and everything went off without a hitch. We decided on a December wedding because I hate the rain. Thankfully our wedding was last year and not this past weekend with all the rain we had.

Here are a few pictures from the over 3000 we have!

My gorgeous parents walking me down the aisle!

My little cousin Nicholas! He is so sweet.

Getting ready for our first dance to At Last.


  1. It was SUCH a great wedding Nicole! Happy One Year Anniversary! xo

  2. Awww! Happy Anniversary! Looks amazing (and kinda big!)

  3. Awww, yay! Congratulations on your first year! It looks like it was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! No surprise there. :) I hope you have a great anniversary!

  4. You look gorgeous! Congratulations on your anniversary!