Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canada Day Decor Ideas

With the long weekend only days away I thought it would be fun to touch on some fun decor ideas for your home. We have a lot of wood furniture in our home which is Canadian of us, right, right?? I'd love to incorporate some of these ideas into our home too.

When our backyard is finished I am 100% buying these. I love candles and these would make the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

 Is this not the best clock you've ever seen. I love the red and white hands, Oh So Canadian!

How about a gorgeous red coffee table. This table screams summer fun to me!

This may sound weird but I love coasters. They're so useful and save your wood furniture. That being said, I don't own a set as fabulous as these.

Last but not least an HBC blanket. You don't get much more Canadian then HBC!

What's your favourite Canadian piece in your home right now?

All of the images are from Style At Home.


  1. Obviously I'm a sucker for anything Canadian - love this post!

  2. Totally used this blanket for my Canada Day party, as a table cloth, double duty :) !

  3. I love your blog. I just found it through another blog :) Love linking! Those coasters are great. I, too, love coasters. You could easily make them too. You just need some inexpensive tiles from a hardware store (or maybe you could even find them at a yard sale), then paper with a design you love, and modpodge. All you do is cut the paper to fit the tile, and modpoge the paper to the tile and coat the paper in modpodge--this essentially "water proofs" it :)

    I read another post you wrote about yard saling, so I wanted to share one of my yard sale secrets: It's a great site for finding local yard sales. I think they even let you advertise your own yard sale for free.