Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Seating Required

We've been in our house for a month now and I'm loving everything about it but wish I could fast forward a year or two when it's all furnished and done. We have all the staples, kitchen suite, couch, bedroom suite, etc but we're still missing the pieces that complete the rooms.

Our greatroom is the next room on my to complete list. Over the weekend I bought a gorgeous piece from Crate and Barrel that I'll share with your next week after it's delivered.

The next thing I want, a gorgeous chair for extra seating. Take a look at these and let me know what you like best.

VIA Pinterest

VIA Pinterest

VIA The Glam Lamb

VIA Martha Stewart

VIA Pier 1

To give you an idea of our greatroom: Yellow walls, brown leather couch, gas fireplace, big windows....

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  1. I like the top one best, it has lots of character... can't wait to see what you pick out! xo