Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinner Parties

If you know M & I you know that we're always entertaining and hosting a rather large group and this past weekend was no different. Friday night we had 10 people for dinner and Sunday 12, including ourselves.

A big thing for us me is cooking dishes that aren't going to stress me out. For instance, I made rapini for the first time on Sunday and I cooked it ahead of time to make sure I wouldn't screw it up in front of everyone. Side note, we had Michael's aunts & uncles for dinner on Sunday and cooking for them was not stress-free.

Brussels Sprouts & Mini Potatoes. If you're looking for a new recipe for either let me know and I'll post them or email you.

I'm also very big on serving some yummy appetizers before dinner. It gives everyone a chance to chat and have fun. An appetizer I usually make is white pizza - foccacia for anyone who doesn't know what white pizza is. The red sauce in the little bowl is La Bomba. It's a spicy chili pepper oil that tastes amazing on the pizza if you like spicy food!

Let me know if you'd like the white pizza recipe and I'll send it too!

Last but not least, the table. We don't have a big house by any means but it's ours and we love it. We have this massive piece of wood that we put on top of our table and voila, we can fit 13+ people around our 6 seater table. We have to angle the table when the table top is on but it works.

And that my friends is how we host our dinner parties!


  1. Looks like tons of fun with yummy food!

  2. You are always the hostess with the mostess! XO

  3. I have been a guest at a few, and they're always fabulous!!!