Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glass

We're having a party this weekend so I've been searching Pinterest for some fun, easy party tricks that will add a little flare to the night.

I am a wine drinker. I don't fancy beer or mixed drinks, just a nice glass of wine, so when I saw them I immediately loved it. I'm thinking about going to buy an affordable set of wine glasses and doing this.

Click here for the full how-to tutorial.

Tell me, are you a wine drinker? Would you do this?


  1. I'm a wine drinker and really love this idea... Definitely trying this at my next party!

  2. what a GREAT idea! so easy and fun, and a conversation piece to boot!

  3. I am most definitely a wine drinker!

    Last I knew, you could pick up wine glasses at the dollar store. They have a good solid base, so I think they would work well with this.