Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY Sprinkle Rim

The husband is big on cappuccinos and lattes. We have one of those big machines and he loves it. Whether we're by ourselves or have 30 people over he's always making an espresso or something.

It's the Italian in him!

When I saw this on Hey Gorgeous I knew this was something I'd have to show him. She's doing it with shot glasses which would be perfect with Bailey's at a party. I'd also rim out latte glasses and serve them. How cute would a latte with sprinkles be!

I'm always looking for ways to add a wow factor to any party and this would be a great way.

What do you think, would this wow you?


  1. I did this for my birthday party on wine glasses and martini glasses. We were serving cupcake whine and cake vodka martinis. The glasses were a huge hit! I also put tea light candles in candle holders that I had filled with sprinkles. :)

    1. Amazing ideas! I love the tea light, candle holder idea. I must do that asap!