Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not Too Spooky Decor

I am pretty much done with Halloween and ready for Christmas. I know, I'm rushing the seasons along but I'm just not a big Halloween person. I've never been big on dressing up and the thought of being asked to attend Halloween parties just stresses me out.

Being that Christmas is still 2 months away I figure I should oblige and participate in the current season.

I came across these great Halloween decor pieces for your home at Style At Home. Aside from some mini pumpkins and fall mums my house is pretty Halloween-less. These would be fabulous additions to help me get into the spirit of ghosts and goblins!

Minus the spider I love this. It's pretty yet still keeping with the Halloween theme!

I have a serious love affair with owls. I have one in my house but it's white and not scary at all.

Such a nice change from your typical orange pumpkin.
All of the pictures are from Style At Home.
So there you have it, some fun not too spooky Halloween decor.
Tell me, do you go all out with your Halloween decor? Is this your favourite time of year?

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  1. I am sooo not a halloween person! A bunch of houses on my street are decorated...but I'm holding out. The only good thing about halloween is the candy, let's get real.