Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hostess Gift Ideas

Now that Halloween is behind us I can start talking about my favourite holiday, Christmas! I love these next couple months when you're spending lots of time with family and friends, cozy near the fireplace and shopping for loved ones.

Being that it's our first Christmas in our new house, we were in Europe last Christmas for our honeymoon, I cannot wait to decorate our house. I am heading to the Holiday Home Tour in Stouffville this weekend to fill my head with too many decor ideas!

I stumbled across these and thought they'd be perfect house warming or hostess gifts for the holidays.

These would look lovely in your home or a great idea for a hostess gift. You can get the jars for cheap and fill with your favourite holiday candy. 

I love this idea and would cost next to nothing. I have one too many mason jar laying around my house. Just fill with some yummy candy, add a ribbon and voila!
What do you think, something you'd consider doing this season?


  1. Oooh, I'm always the worst at having hostess gifts ready when I need them This is a reminder for me! And some great ideas.

  2. Fantastic ideas! I can't WAIT to see your place all decorated for the holidays. How's this for a deal - you have us over and I'll bring you one of these nice little presents? :)

  3. Oh I went on a holiday house tour a couple of years ago and the decorations were amazing. That mason jar idea is a great hostess gift idea.