Thursday, May 5, 2011

Saturday Evening BBQ Ideas...

Thinking about hosting a bbq this weekend but you aren't sure what to prepare for your guests, here are some ideas.
  1. Instead of serving beer and wine why not create a big batch of a summery cocktail. Try long island iced tea or a yummy rum punch.
  2. Why not try slidders rather than big burgers. Sometimes eating a big burger is too much and a slidder gives people the option to eat less and enjoy themselves without being too full.
  3. Squeeze lemon, salt and pepper over broccoli and peppers and grill them up. I am a big fan of grilled veggies and think they're a great addition to any bbq.
  4. To add the finishing touch, cupcakes! You all know how much I love cupcakes so why not serve them for dessert at your next bbq!
Enjoy the Party,

Nicole :)

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