Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outdoor Summer Weddings

I have a huge fascination with outdoor weddings. I think they're glamorous, lovely and fun, to say the least! I am getting married in a banquet hall in December, therefore I drool every time I see pictures of outdoor weddings. Being that this past Saturday was such a gorgeous day it had me thinking more and more about outdoor weddings. I thought I'd share a few outdoor wedding ideas with you!
Beautiful table decor featured on Wedluxe.
I'm not nearly crafty enough to do this but I think it's super cute and cool! Featured on

How lovely is this sweet table?! Featured on The Wedding Co

I don't know about you but I love the second picture so much! Did you have a backyard/outdoor wedding?

Enjoy the Party,

Nicole :)

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  1. I love outdoor weddings too! I always see pictures of beautiful outdoor receptions in California and wish that we had that great climate to do that. I would be waaaaaaaaay too worried to be sitting under the stars...but it would be so pretty! And you could totally make those hanging bottles! :)