Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T Minus 9 Days!

I cannot believe the engagement that would never end is finally coming to an end, in 9 days no less! I still have some last minute things to take care of and the candy station is one of them.

We have six different jars / holders for the candy and we're I'm trying to figure out what type of candy to put in them.

I have a couple narrowed down but need some help with the rest. Here are the ones I know for sure: candy canes, little and big; hershey's kisses in the silver wrapping and red smarties. What other three types of candy would you serve at a romantic, wintery wedding?

For some inspiration, check out some of these great candy stations I found on Pinterest.

VIA Martha Stewart

VIA Luxe Finds

VIA Daisy Pink Cupcake

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  1. What about red candy popcorn, cinnamon hearts, red and white chicklet gum